14 August 2007

Session Report for 12 Aug 2007

Games Played: Pounce, Fluxx, Poison

My group for this session consisted of me, my husband ABM, his friend CJ, and the couple who just moved in across the street, Libby and Josh. Pounce and Poison went over well with Libby and Josh, who had never heard of either one of them. Their previous gaming experience matched mine: the children's games that everyone had on their shelves (Candyland, Monopoly) plus some classic card games in Josh's case (poker and cribbage). Fluxx seemed to be fine with everyone except my husband. As I've mentioned before, he doesn't like the chaotic nature of that game.

The scorecard:

--CJ won Pounce, as he does quite often, but Libby made it a close game for a while. She won the first few rounds before CJ turned the score around.

--I won Poison; it is one of the few games I ever win. Even though people say there is a lot of luck in that game, I have built up a strategy of sorts that has served me well.

--Libby won Fluxx. She was a bit confused by the game in the beginning, so I had my daughter C2 sit with her. C2 is only 10, but she is the best card player of all my kids and the only one who can hold her own with the adults. I'm not surprised that she led Libby to victory.

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