26 April 2013

Apps Gone Free: Where I find my free iOS apps

There are a bajillion app recommendation sites on the internet, but I tend to find my apps in two ways. If I am at my laptop, I read reviews on Gamezebo. On my iPhone, I use an app called Apps Gone Free from a site called AppAdvice. As the name suggests, Apps Gone Free lets you know about other apps that are available for free, usually for a limited time. Here's a YouTube review by a guy with an charming Australian accent:

In the video, the presenter is using Apps Gone Free on an iPad, but you can use it on an iPhone, as well. I have it installed on both of my devices so I can download the app straight from Apps Gone Free. There have been plenty of times when I've typed the name of an app in the App Store but couldn't find it because the name was rather similar to other app names.

One of my favorite things about Apps Gone Free is that I never run across junk. I've used other apps like this and ended up with games that looked like they were created as part of a school project or something. Apps Gone Free says that they have a staff handpicking the apps and writing the blurbs instead of just using the promo copy, and to me it shows. What is on offer seems to go in cycles; for a while I ran across a lot of art-related programs and now there seems to be a lot of preschool apps. No matter what they feature, it all seems to be good.

I haven't spent much time on the AppAdvice website, but from what I've seen I would say it is worth a look. They have more in-depth app reviews and lists of apps centered around a theme like Mother's Day. Not all of the apps mentioned on the website are free, but there are plenty of cool ones I would never have found myself.

This is NOT a sponsored or paid post. I just really like this app :-).

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