12 September 2012

Gaming on vacation

What do you do when you will be spending five days either riding in a car or lounging in a deck chair? If you are me, you take this time to test out the many free games that you have downloaded obsessively to your tablet but never played. I have 24 games on my Android tablet and 13 games on my iPhone that I haven't tried yet. With several days away from the temptations of TV and the internet, it will be much easier for me to focus on playing and writing about games. So don't be surprised if there is a flurry of activity on this blog in the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Gaming on vacation was a bust. Unlike my previous vacations, this time I had a car full of people with devices that needed to be charged. Also, my daughter's tablet stopped working right before we left, so as a good mother I handed mine over. Luckily, my Zune mp3 player had a long battery life because I ended up listening to audio books on the long drive down to Florida. Oh, well -- there is always next year when it will just be my husband and me on vacation!

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Scrabble Madre said...

What do I do when I'm on vacation for five days with not much to do? Well, I play word games, including Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordfeud, etc. And last time, I learned a bunch of new words and definitions, specifically the 2-letter words on Anagrammer's site http://www.anagrammer.com/scrabble-school/ But, I feel your pain when my iPad runs out of battery and I don't have my charger; happened to me once, but now on, I always take it with me and find some place to charge it.