11 January 2010

Boogie Superstar (Wii Video Game)

We just got our Wii for Christmas 2009, and I wanted to try out some games that would make use of the microphone we bought with it. My girls are big fans of rhythm games and music games. Boogie Superstar fit the bill for them.

The game uses a talent show format. Each talent show consists of three songs. The cool thing is that you can play whatever the game throws at you, or you can customize. That means you can have an all-dance show, an all-singing show, all solos, etc. So you can rent the game and try out the dance part even if you don't have a microphone.

The graphics in the game are pleasant. You have several teenage avatars to choose from, and they perform in several locations such as the red carpet, the dance studio, or poolside at a resort. At the end of each talent show, you earn coins that let you buy music packs. Each pack (pop, urban, or electro dance) contains a new dance move, a new outfit, and unlocks two songs. Only 12 songs are unlocked in the beginning, so this gave my kids the incentive to keep playing.

To me, the best part of the game is the dancing. It involves a lot of upper-body movement, and you can't just flick your wrist and score (a common criticism of Wii motion games). I played it with a broken foot and tried to stay in my seat, but my score was terrible! I'm not saying it is a great workout if you are already fit, but it will at least get your heart beating faster if you are normally sedentary and you throw your whole body into it. The avatars are fun to watch, too.

The main reason I rated it a 7 is that the songs won't appeal much to adults. I didn't even know half of them, but my 12-year-old daughters did. The song list is heavy with Jonas Brothers, Aly and AJ, and Hilary Duff covers. It got them off the couch, though, so I think it was worth renting.

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