29 December 2009

Finally Signing Up for GameFly

Ever since GameFly first hit the scene, I've wanted to sign up. I'm familiar with the model since we've had a NetFlix account for years. However, I was concerned about how well game discs would fare in my house. We haven't had many problems with the NetFlix DVDs, but DVDs don't get handled as often. When my kids play games, they switch game discs a lot and they don't always put them back in the case right away. Also, the discs are getting smaller and smaller these days. The Nintendo DS games are smaller than an SD card! I was afraid that I'd end up spending a lot of money with GameFly if the kids lost or ruined some discs.

Well, I think we have a handle on the situation now. The checkout system that I've been using with the kids for library books is now being used for video games as well. This way, I can keep a closer eye on the games. I feel confident enough in this system to try signing up for GameFly. With a PS2, a Wii, a PSP, and a Nintendo DS in the house, I figure this will be more cost-effective than renting games from the local video store, even if we end up buying a game or two.

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