21 December 2007

Give me your DS picks!

If you have been reading my main blog or have seen me on Twitter during the past couple weeks, then you know that I have the Nintendo DS on the brain. I acquired several units for the kids at a price that I can live with, and now I am looking for games. I'll be going Christmas shopping this Saturday (I know, I know!) and I would like to have some good games in mind to look for. Here is what I have in mind so far:

Pokemon Diamond or Pearl
Mario Kart DS
Bomberman Land Touch
Chibi-Robo Park Patrol
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Let me know if you have had any experience with these games and what you thought of them. So don't be shy -- I know that many boardgamers also play video games :-). Give me your recommendations or let me know what games are real dogs!

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