09 October 2007

Back and ready to play!

I'm back in full effect! Unfortunately, I didn't get to play any games on our cruise but we did introduce the idea to our traveling companions. Of course, as soon as we said "Let's play cards!", the first thing the women said was "I'm no good at cards." That's because everyone around here automatically assumes that playing cards means poker or spades or (in the case of our black friends) bid whist. I can understand why the women hesitate. I don't play spades with ABM. He has so many years of experience playing that game that he is unable to play it casually any more and gets frustrated with me when I mess up. That is one of the good things about introducing people to new games; the women are more likely to give a game a try once they realize that the men don't have the advantage over them. Anyway, since our cruise buddies live in our subdivision I think we will be able to coax them over to the house for a game night.

I have several games lined up to try. It is just a matter of finding time to play. With ABM working extra hours to cover the loss of my regular paycheck and the kids having more homework this year, it seems like no one has time to play with me :-(. However, I will find a way to squeeze a few games in and report back to you guys.

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