26 September 2007

Games are my shield

ABM loves to socialize. He is at his best when he is in a big group of people. I am not so lucky. Even if I know several people in attendance, I am uncomfortable in a room with more than four people. If I don't have a task or a purpose, I get fidgety. I was the girl at the party who helped the hostess pick up empties instead of flirting with guys on the dance floor. Nowadays, that translates into me carrying my knitting everywhere; if I don't have anything to say, I can always concentrate on my hands and people don't think much of it. Unfortunately knitting doesn't work in all situations. For those times, I keep a deck of cards tucked in my purse. It may sound strange, but if I am teaching someone a game I feel like I have a reason to be there.

At first, it was difficult for me to pull out a card game at someone else's house. I didn't want to hijack the plans that the host may have had. It has gotten easier, though. First off, most of the couples we know don't have a plan for a get-together beyond what we are going to eat. Secondly, I think I'm getting a reputation as the game girl. When we go to someone's house, the couple brings up playing a game so I don't have to. They now expect me to pull something fun out of my purse.

ABM said that he didn't want to play games on this cruise because he didn't want to do the same stuff he does at home. However, I've got Poison, Word Thief, and some playing cards in my purse, anyway. I have a feeling there will be times when we don't have anything planned. For instance, we are flying to Miami the day before we have to board the boat but we don't want to spend money on renting a car and seeing the sights. Several other people in our cruise group are going early, too, and staying in the same hotel. Break out the cards!

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