27 July 2007

The Why of This Blog

Why do you want to listen to my advice on games? That must be what you asked yourself when you stumbled upon this site. Well, first off, I want to emphasize that I am not an expert. I don't have a large board game collection, and I don't expect it to grow very quickly. I don't work in the industry, either, so I don't have any inside information.

What you will get from reading my blog is the opinion of a middle-aged wife and mom who enjoys playing card and board games. I am also a person on a budget, so you will get a lot of info on free card game rules that you can find on the internet and games that you can make yourself with a printer and some card stock. I may even cover some options for trying out online versions of board games before you buy them.

What style of games do I like to play? My group of friends is filled with beginners. They want to have quick fun and they don't want to learn a lot of rules. This means you won't find me reporting on any marathon wargaming sessions. We play what board game aficionados call "beer and pretzel" games.

Who do I play games with? Since the adults only get together every other month or so, my children are my main gaming partners and test subjects. This means that you will read a lot about how games work with kids.

Hopefully, I can provide you with a different perspective than other gaming blogs. More importantly, I hope I encourage you to turn off the TV and engage your family and friends in a game or two!

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